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Raman HR800

par Luc-Henri Jolly - publié le , mis à jour le

Raman Spectrometer HR800 (Horiba Jobin Yvon)}}}

Technical specifiations :

  • output by confocal microscope Olympus (standard optics Olympus 10x, 50x, 50xLWD, 100x et 100xLWD)
  • Mechanized stage along X, Y and Z axis
  • Networks with 600, 1800 et 2400 lines/mm
  • Open Electrode detector cooled by Peltier effect
  • Edge (365, 458, 488 nm) and Notch filters with ultra tight cutoff (514nm)
  • mixed with an argon gaz laser (Cohérent 90C) with UV extension(main lines at : 365, 458, 488 and 514nm)

Utilisation :

  • Raman spectra
  • 4 wavelenght in visible and near-UV spectrum
  • Specific Optics allowing to vary the spatial résolution ( : x50 ultra long workingdistance, x200, x50 UV)
  • set of networks allowing to vary the spectral resolution
  • Low frequency spectra (until 10 cm-1) for the 514nm excitation
  • Measurement by 2D or 3D cartographies
  • Remote measurement by optical fiber (5 m) with interface SuperHead vidéo interface for 458 nm excitation
  • Temperature measurement using a cryostat (azote or hélium) or a cell Linkam (de Tamb à 1500°C)