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Jarvis-Beta (Sirocco)

par Luc-Henri Jolly - publié le , mis à jour le

Sirocco is the computing facility of LCT. Its main mission is the production of scientific results using quantum chemistry programs.
Actually, it features 1 master server and 101 nodes for 1172 cores. The whole cluster is protected with uninterruptible power system allowing about 15 minutes of autonomy.

Master server access can be achieved via VPN or through the main frontend access of the LCT with IP address control

Master server

Virtual server with 8 cores 16 Gb RAM and 500Gb disk storage

  • License manager for Intel and Portland C and Fortran compilers
  • Vizualisation
  • Job queuing manager

Computing facilities

  • 99 nodes Opteron AMD (2007-2013), 1140 cores with an average RAM of 3Gb/core and an average scratch storage of 50Gb/core.
  • 2 nodes Intel Xéon 2015, 32 cores with a RAM of 4Gb/core and a scratch storage of 68GB/core.


  • Centralized authentication system
  • Storage capacity of 12Tb RAID6, synchronized 2 times a day on an external NAS