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by Luc-Henri Jolly - published on , updated on

The IP2CT is headed by its Director and a board of representative from the three labs.


The standing order states that the Director of the institute cannot be one of the actual labs directors.

Jean-Philip Piquemal is the actual Director of the institute.

Actual Board

  • MONARIS: director, assistant-director and eitght representatives (Christophe Petit, Esmail Alikhani, Ludovic Bellot-Gurlet, Philippe Colomban, Nicolas Goubet, Lahouari Krim, Isabelle Lisiecki, Caroline Salzemann, Ludovic Vettier, Emilie Laure Zins)
  • LCT : director and five representatives (Olivier Parisel, Marie‐France Couret, Hélène Gérard, Peter Reinhardt, Andréas Savin, Julien Toulouse)
  • LCPMR : director, assistant-director and five representatives (Alain Dubois, Francis Penent, Renaud Delaunay, Vita Ilakovac, Karine Le Guen, François Rochet, Gheorghe Sorin Chiuzbaian)