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Dr Silvia TOMIC

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Electronic Ferroelectricity in Low-Dimensional Molecular Solids

Strongly correlated materials with the inversion symmetry broken ground states feature electronic ferroelectricity, a phenomenon which has attracted the attention of condensed matter physicists due to its great fundamental and technological importance. While in conventional ferroelectrics the polarization is induced either by the relative displacement of positive and negative ions due to a lattice distortion or by collective alignment of permanent electric dipoles, in electronic ferroelectrics the polarization primarily arises due to the ordering of charge degrees of freedom. Signatures of this kind of ferroelectricity have been found in low-dimensional charge transfer molecular solids showing a rich variety of nonlinear properties and complex electrodynamics, including nontrivial emergent excitations. I summarize key experimental results, current theoretical understanding and outline future perspectives.

Dr S. Tomic
Institut za fiziku, P.O.Box 304, HR-10001 Zagreb, Croatia
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Mardi 16 juin 2015 à 16h
Amphithéâtre Jean Perrin
Laboratoire de Chimie Physique – Matière et Rayonnement