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Computing resources

Jarvis means Jarvis Apporte à la Recherche un Véritable Instrument Scientifique (Jarvis Brings to Research a Valuable Scientific Tool). It is the computing facility of the IP2CT. Its main goal is to give the Institute a high availability, high performance calculation system.

Due to the joint effort of all the members of IP2CT, Jarvis is made of several parts :

  1. Jarvis-Alpha is a high performance cluster of about 1000 cores, mainly designed for intensive calculations and parallel programs development.
  2. Jarvis-Beta is a collection of small clusters, mainly used by the LCT for calculation. (Sirocco)

Jarvis aims to create a support service for the teaching and training in computational chemistry at UPMC.

Technical managers

Jarvis  : Luc-Henri Jolly
Sirocco : Marie-France Couret

Scientific manager

Jean-Philip Piquemal



Pricing :

0,12 € for 100 hours CPU (users in UPMC)
0,42 € for 100 hours CPU (Academic users)
Start from 4€ for 100 hours CPU (other users)

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